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For foreigners wishing to obtain Ukrainian citizenship or a residence permit in Ukraine,
one of the legal grounds is the marriage with a Ukrainian citizen.
Help in finding a girl for a fictitious marriage in Ukraine.
What is a fictitious marriage? Fictitious marriage is one of the forms of formal marriage, namely, the legal registration of marriage
without the intention to further create a family and without the intention of further marital residence.
In such a marriage enter for a completely different purpose.
In particular, to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine or to be able to use municipal rights.

Residence permit through marriage!
Fictitious marriage for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is one of the legitimate opportunities,
which is ideal for people who do not have citizenship or for foreigners,
who would like to receive a podvidku for permanent residence (permanent residence) or acquire the status of a citizen of Ukraine.

Business marriage
Business marriage with a citizen / citizen of Ukraine before foreigners opens a whole range of opportunities.
Thanks to such a union, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit and, after a while, marrying even claiming the
acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship

Fictitious marriage consequences.
Ukrainian legislation does not provide for administrative or criminal liability for entering into a fictitious marriage.
What documents are needed to register a marriage? • application;
• the internal passport of a Ukrainian / Ukrainian woman entering into marriage with a foreign citizen;
• a passport with a certified notary translated into Ukrainian by a foreign citizen entering into marriage.

Fictitious marriage services: operative search for a fictitious wife / fictitious husband; • collection of the necessary package of documents for marriage;
• approximation of marriage registration procedure;
• Marriage contract (agreement of a couple of persons of tangential duties and property rights entering into marriage);
• Marriage registration.
Be calm, all fictitious marriages are made with persons who have never before entered into fictitious marriages, were not convicted and did not arrive in places of deprivation of liberty

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